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Ballybunnion is a seaside resort in County Kerry, located in the "Mouth of the Shannon"

Ballybunnion beach



Pubs are a national institution in Ireland, places where one's comes to meet other people, talk and listen to music while drinking national Guinness beer

Ireland is the first touristic destination for golfers. President Clinton, while he was in exercise, came several times to Ballybunnion which has two famous links



Pubs in Ballybunnion
Statue of President Clinton at Ballybunnion


Adare is situated in Limerick County which is adjacent to Kerry County. The catholic church used to be part of a monastery, of which 50 monks were executed in 1539, at the time of dissolution of Irish monasteries
Adare is a classified and touristic village, with nice small thatched cottages. Below are simple, but more typical and colored village houses



Catholic church of Adare
Village houses in Adare


Every year in Tralee, chief-town of County Kerry, takes place in august, the "Rose of Tralee" International Festival .

At the origin it was a carnival Queen Festival, that has been extended to a worlwide contest for election of a Miss of Irish origin.


Tralee, chief-town of County Kerry
"Rose of Tralee" Festival


One of Ireland rapid development evidence is the building of new houses

The typical Irish house is one-floor, lengthwise with a veranda


Simple typical Irish house
New house with a more intricate plan


Even though most houses are built according to the same basic model ( lengthwise with a veranda), they all differ by many details ( façade, lay out, main entrance door, colors...)

Modern house in a seaside resort






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