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Dingle and Iveragh (Ring of Kerry) peninsulas in Kerry County are at the western extremity of Ireland and Europe. They are among the most visited places in Ireland.


The Irish island has a geography inverse of that of most islands, with a perimeter occupied by high hills or uplands and inner country made of a vast plain.

On the north coast of Dingle Peninsula, Brandon Mount is the 2th highest peak in Ireland with 951 m.

The peninsula is a region of desolate mountains with small fields delimited by dry-stone walls, where Gaelic Irish is still in use.

Fields in Dingle peninsula


All around Dingle coasts have very high cliffs
Inch beach is a 5 km long sandy beach, surrounded by dunes, perpendicular to the coast. It almost closes Dingle Bay




Cliffs near Dingle town
View of the coast from Inch beach


Dingle town is an important fishing port located in a natural sheltered roadstead

Dingle also is a pleasant touristic resort with its colored houses, pubs and craft shops


Dingle harbour
Wharfs of Dingle port




Dingle harbour has long been the departure point for pilgrims to the grave of St James at Santiago de Compostela in Spain .

The town provides the visitor with a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere


Fishing boats in Dingle port
Street on the port, pubs and shops

As everywhere in Ireland, land of Saints since Saint-Patrick, beautiful churches are part of landscape



The Catholic church of Dingle
Street on a slope

The three leaves clover (the shamrock) is one of national emblems of Ireland. Saint-Patrick is said to have used the shamrock as a metaphore to explain the Christian concept of Holy Trinity
The most famous living inhabitant of Dingle is a dolphin named Fungi who resides in the port since 1983, and chosed to stay there even when his female companion left Dingle



House decorated with shamrocks in Dingle
Fungi the dolphin, resident of Dingle since 1983

In the inner part of the peninsula, near Tralee, the chief town of Kerry County, mountains slope gets more gentle and superficy of fields gets larger
All over centuries, Ireland has been deforested. In some places, programs for reforesting have been launched.



Mounts and farms near Tralee
Mounts and small valleys


Gallarus Oratory, which held out against rough seaside weather since the 9th century, is an exemple of the evolution in Irish oratories from a circular to a rectangular basis. It is a transitional form between circular early-age oratories and cathedrals.

Of the twenty oratories remaining in Ireland, it is the best example. Its dimensions : 8m long, 5m wide et 5m high are also very impressive.

Gallarus Oratory - 1300 years old






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