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Dublin Castle, handed over to Michael Collins and the new Irish Free State in 1922, is used today as Government offices and for State receptions .

This castle, formerly fortified, was initially erected by King John of England in 1204 on a highly strategic site, and did represent for 700 years the most important symbol of English rule over Ireland.

All rebellions against the English power aimed to seize the Castle, but none succeeded, and the habit was to exhibit rebels' dead bodies in the Castle-yard.

Dublin Castle - la "Upper Yard" (cour supérieure)

The initial castle, of medium size, has had over centuries numerous additions, modifications and rebuilding, especially as its use changed. It used to be a military place as well as a jail.

Then it became in the 18th century the residence of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, with richly decorated rooms for residential apartments and state receptions. The "Upper Yard" of Georgian style dates from this period



The tower in the Upper Yard of Dublin Castle
Corridor to State apartments


The interior decoration in Victorian style is gorgeous. Here, the living room with its Louis XIV armchairs and its big lustres in Waterford crystal
This room is now used as a dining room during official receptions of important visitors



Living room for State receptions
Viceregal Representatives Gallery

Queen Victoria, Queen of Great-Britain and Ireland, has had a particularly long reign, from 1837 to 1901, which saw the height of political and economic power of Great-Britain
This nicely inlaid table was made by a prisoner for his Queen who did not like it and left it here



Queen Victoria' bedroom
Small Victorian living-room


Guinness beer, which fills over 7 millions glasses everyday, is the national beverage of Ireland. The Guinness Brewery was founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness


The philantropic Guinness family helped restoring Saint-Patrick Cathedral, replaced dump houses of Iveagh Street by new buildings and gave St-Stephen's Green to the State . Below another bequest of the Guinness family to the State now accomodates administration offices




The Guinness Brewery
House bequeathed to Irish State by the Guinness family

The big covered market of Dublin
St-Stephen' Green gardens (9ha) is a beautiful Georgian park in the center of Dublin city



Dublin Market
St-Stephen's Green Park, the main entrance


The new tram of Dublin

Dublin Tram




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